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Midway: A Guide to the Atoll and Its Inhabitants

From professional reviewers …

  • “A must have for those with an interest in the Midway Atoll!” ~ Ian Paulsen, the Birdbooker Report, in The Guardian, London, Feb. 2012.

  • “In 90 concise and delightful pages, writer and naturalist Connie Toops and photographer Phyllis Greenberg showcase Hawaii’s Midway Atoll, the site of a 1942 battle that changed the course of World War II and the home of the world’s largest nesting colonies of Laysan and Black-footed Albatrosses, as well as petrels, tropicbirds, terns, ducks, tiger sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles.” ~ BirdWatching magazine and, June 2012.

  • “… The other marine guide I've been enjoying is Midway: A Guide to the Atoll and its Inhabitants, by Connie Toops and Phyllis Greenberg. Naturally, this guide includes facts about the seabirds and other marine wildlife of this National Wildlife Refuge. But I also like learning more about the human history and non-native animals there. We moan today, for instance, about the cost of flying to Midway, currently about $2,400, round trip, from Honolulu. But in 1936 flying there one way on the Pan Am Clipper cost $800 — $13,115 in today's dollars. And those canaries. In the early 20th century, Pacific Cable workers released 13 canaries ‘to enliven the environment.’ Mission accomplished. Today everyone enjoys the 3,000 or so yellow songbirds that fly free around the human-inhabited Sand Island.”  ~ Marine biologist Susan Scott writes the "Ocean Watch" column for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

  • “The book is very well done and a good addition to the FOMA store.  As soon as it arrived in the Midway store several months ago, sales have been very good. Your book became a best seller at the Battle of Midway anniversary ceremony!” ~ Friends of Midway Atoll

More comments from satisfied customers...

  • “It was Incredible to read about so many things…..I almost feel as though I have visited the Island. The descriptions, information explaining the details, and the photos were amazing.  Bravo to you both!” ~ Mark, NC
  • “Your new book has expanded my list of things to do and places to see. You succinctly covered the geography, historical significance, flora, avifauna and waters. Quite a wonderful accomplishment. The cover design, layout, printing and binding were exceptional. The photos were very sharp.” ~ Hubert, AR
  • As I read your wonderful book, I cannot tear myself away. So much beauty, depth, truth. I am really overcome with wonder.  What a gift! ~ Kay, NC
  • Congratulations on your book! Very comprehensive and informative...a nice guide for those visiting Midway or those wanting to know more about this magical place!" ~ Cindy, HI
  • Well-written and informative.~ Barbara, FL
  • My, how I enjoyed reading and re-reading your book! I am in awe of how you WRITE! So informative and such a real pleasure to read. By the way, I do not choose war novels or accounts, but after reading your accounts of the Battle of Midway – and feeling my pulse and anxiety level rise with each line – I must say what you have written is a gripping portrayal of the battle. ~ Nancy, AZ 

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